Stories of Turks who risked their lives to save their Armenian friends are not that easy to reach by merely going through secondary literature. The widespread geographical location of collections of victims’ accounts and constraints on time and resources limit literature surveys. Also, most of the stories remain unrecorded and only transmitted orally.

For this reason, we ask every visitor of this website to consider emailing us not only stories they may have come across or may have heard told by their relatives.

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Every submission must clearly state the name and location of the contributor. Contributors may opt to not publish their names on our website, but we will still need to keep records of where we get stories.

Stories must include as many factual details as possible, such as the full name of the survivor, the persons who helped or rescued them, where and when the event occurred.

When a story that is submitted to PCO is approved, it will then be posted on the website. The stories may be edited for language and style purposes.

Stories that are sent to us become part of the PCO database. PCO preserves the right to use these stories in publications and media productions.

Citing PCH:

Stories that are posted on this website can be cited only in part in written or spoken media. Full citation of the stories needs to be agreed in advance with PCO.

In both partial and full citations, we request that the PCO is notified and shown as the source.

Please reference the stories cited with their code number followed by the link to the website;

Source: PCO-2008-01,


  1. Emrehan said...

    It is an interesting project. I wish you would also try to collect stories from the ancestors of the 500,000 or so Turks slaughtered by Armenians. You know, Armenians weren't the only ones massacred. I wonder, did any Armenians try to save their Turkish neighbors from massacre? How about those stories? One of my friend's family is originally from Kars, his entire family was massacred by Armenians except for his grandfather, who miraculously fled to Sivas as a child, and survived to grow up and have a family. If we truly have common humanity, then both sides must recognize all barbarism as well as all heroism. Right now, however, I feel like a second-class citizen of the world, because everyone weeps for Armenians, but no one remembers the Turks killed. And not just by Armenians either. Then entire Balkans were ethnically cleansed of Turks leading up to WWI, millions were killed and millions fled to Anatolia, and are now known as MUHACIR. Don't their stories deserve to be remembered? Why does Europe deny the Turkish Muslim history of the Balkans? Why cover it up? I support the search for truth and humanity, but I think not just Turks should be doing it. I had Armenians tell me to my face that the slaughtered Turks I mourn were probably killed by Ottomans...they are being so much deceived by the Armenian fanatics who propagate the sins of the Dashnaks. I even found one website listing Antranik - an Armenian commander notorious for massacring Turks in the north-east as a "genocide survivor." Another website listed an Armenian intellectual, Krikor Zohrab, who was killed by bandits as being a "genocide survivor", even though Cemal Pasha himself made sure his murderers were tried and executed! I don't know if we will ever be able to erase the many lies and get to the much of the hatred is built upon propaganda for the sole purpose of retribution. Its just so sad...  

  2. Afaf said...

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking for a book titled "Feasibility Study Preparation and Analysis" by PCH publications. Do you have this book? How much is it? In which store? How can I get it? I have tried to make an order from Amazon, but Amazon is deos not deliver the book to Bahrain due to certain restrictions.



  3. Deyan said...

    Hi, I am also looking for a book Feasibility Study Preperation and Analysis by PCH Publishing published in 2011. Please let me know if you can point me in the right direction where I can get this book. Amazon does not have the 2011 print.

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